Books: poet C.K. Williams turns to prose in All at Once

April 18, 2014


“It is probably not fair to compare C. K. Williams’ prose in All at Once with his award winning verse poetry books, but it does offer poetry averse readers an opportunity to engage with a perceptive and empathic wordsmith whose work they otherwise would not encounter.” —From my NYJB book review.  Also see my examiner […]

Books: in David Grand’s Mount Terminus both protagonist and Los Angeles come of age

April 7, 2014


 “David Grand’s third novel, Mount Terminus, is written in luscious, erudite prose so dense his readers have no choice but to read it slowly.”  – from my review of Mount Terminus by David Grand on New York Journal of Books. Also see my examiner article. David Grand    

David Grossman conveys parental bereavement in Falling Out of Time

March 25, 2014


“As moving as are each of these expressions of grief the cumulative effect of Falling Out of Time‘s nearly 200 pages is even more powerful. It certainly conveys bereaved parents’ pain to readers who have not suffered that loss and may help some mourning parents work through their grief, though others may feel it reopens […]

Jewish books: Ellen Litman’s Mannequin Girl describes childhood in 1980s Moscow

February 27, 2014


In my New York Journal of Books review I describe Ellen Litman‘s second novel Mannequin Girl as “a welcome addition to the coming of age genre that will appeal both to adult readers and to precocious teenagers.” Also see my examiner article about this novel set in 1980s Moscow. Ellen Litman

Books: E.L. Doctorow’s novel Andrew’s Brain explores a brain scientist’s mind

January 19, 2014


In my New York Journal of Books review I describe E.L. Doctorow’s new novel as “an enjoyable page turner” that is “both bittersweet and disturbing.” Also see my examiner article where you’ll also find a video of Doctorow discussing Melville’s Moby Dick with Margaret Atwood.

book review | Leaving the Sea: Stories

January 8, 2014


In my NYJB review of Leaving the Sea by Ben Marcus I recommend the book “to serious readers who will want to reread its stories gaining new insights with each reading.” Also see my article: Books: novelist Ben Marcus returns to the short story in Leaving the Sea.

Book review: The Remains of Life by Zureya Shalev

December 11, 2013


From my NYJB review: “. . . readers prone to depression might consider acquiring a prescription for antidepressant medication before attempting to read The Remains of Love.” Also see my examiner article: “Israeli books: Zeruya Shalev’s 5th novel views family through a Freudian lens” Zeruya Shalev


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