Posted on October 15, 2003


This duplicates the text on my info page, but it’s meant as an introduction:

My interest in poetry was sparked in 12th grade by the Roman poet Catullus (see the Carl Sesar translation), particularly his contemporary conversational tone and his frank, sexual content and also by my Latin teacher’s close reading of Virgil. I’ve written on and off ever since; on and off because for me poetry is the product of idleness–I have to have no other obligations or distractions. After a hiatus during junior and senior years of college I started writing poems again during my first time in graduate school, around the same time that I realized I had made a costly mistake and was studying the wrong field (International Affairs). After immigrating to Israel, marrying my wife Shoshana, returning to the USA, and holding a series of unrewarding jobs, I returned to graduate school in 1990 to study creative writing at CCNY and not only started writing again but getting published in quality periodicals. A few years ago I ran into a classmate from high school who remembered me as a class wit and there’s a fair amount of humor in my poems, most of which tend to be narrative & dramatic rather than lyrical.

At CCNY I earned an MA in creative writing and won the Academy of American Poets Prize. I am the author of two poetry collections, “Glued To The Sky” and “JFK: Lines of Fire” (Burlington VT:, 2003), and my poems are anthologized in XY Files: Poems On The Male Experience (Santa Fe: Sherman Asher Publishing, 1997). My poems and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in The Massachusetts Review, Passages North, The Literary Review, Painted Bride Quarterly, Chelsea, Tampa Review, Confrontation, The Spoon River Poetry Review, Green Mountains Review, Natural Bridge, Feminist Studies, Mudfish, Kinesis, Archipelago, Outerbridge, Synaesthetic, Two Lines, New Works Review, Soundings East, Davka, Response, Prairie Winds, Pudding Magazine, Nebo, Pleiades, Rashi: The New Zealand Jewish Chronicle Literary Supplement, Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies, Home Planet News, Poetry Motel and GLOSS. I was a finalist in the 1999 Snake Nation Press book contest, and have been a semi-finalist in several other national contests. I am seeking a print publisher for two books of original poems as well as for my translation of Israeli poet Rachel Eshed’s second book Havtachot Ktanot (Little Promises).

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