High Sensation Seeker test results

Posted on March 6, 2004



I guess I’m not an HSS; here are my results:

Thrill and Adventure Seeking
Your Score: 2 out of 10
This consists of items expressing desires to engage in sports or activities involving some physical danger or risk such as mountain climbing, parachute jumping, scuba diving, speeding in a car, etc.

Experience Seeking
Your Score: 9 out of 10
This descibes the desire to seek new experiences through the mind and senses by living in a nonconforming life style with unconventional friends, and through travel.

Your Score: 4 out of 10
This describes the need to disinhibit behaviour in the social sphere by drinking, partying and seeking variety in sexual partners.

Boredom Susceptibility
Your Score: 4 out of 10
This indicates an aversion for repetitive experience of any kind, routine work, or even dull or predictable people. Other items indicate a restless reaction when things are unchanging.

Your total score: 19 out of 40

Sensation seeking is a personality trait expressed in behaviour as a tendency to seek varied, novel, complex and intense sensations and experiences and to take physical risks for the sake of having such experiences.

These experiences could take the form of extreme adventure activities such as skydiving, snowboarding and mountain climbing. But the trait can also express itself in high drug, alcohol or tobacco use.

Men generally score higher than women on the total score and on all the subscales except Experience Seeking. Sensation Seeking Scale scores increase during childhood, peak in the late teens or early twenties, and thereafter decrease steadily with age.

People with similar scores on the Sensation Seeking Scale also tend to be more romantically compatible with each other.

Divorced males score higher than single and married males, and divorced and single females score higher than married females.

I’m a 49 year old married male INFP, 4w5.

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