Yahoo sued over nude images

Posted on May 28, 2005



WebProNews – Yahoo Sued Over Images
May 28, 2005


Yahoo Sued Over Nude Images
Chris Richardson – Staff Writer

An Oregon woman is suing Yahoo for an estimated $3 million,
claiming the portal site didn’t remove nude images of her after
saying it would do so.

Cecilia Barnes, 48, claims her ex-boyfriend created profiles of
Barnes, featuring the images in question, as well as other
information like her work phone number and email address. The
plaintiff’s ex would then engage in chat sessions, pretending to
Ms. Barnes and directing people to her images.

Because of her ex-boyfriend’s exploits, people would show up at
work, expecting a sexual meeting. To combat this, Barnes
Yahoo remove these profiles, to which she received no reply.
continued her efforts, eventually getting a response from Mary
Osako, the director of communications for Yahoo.

However, speculates this was done because a local
television station was preparing to run a story about the Barnes
plight. According to Barnes’ attorney, Thomas R. Rask III, Osako
called Barnes and informed her the offending images would be

Until Yahoo agreed to remove the images, they were protected by
federal law that prevents lawsuits over information posted by
parties. However, once Yahoo agreed to remove the images, Oregon
law stipulates they are obligated to do so, according to her

However, Rask indicates the images are still there, hence the
lawsuit filing. Keeping with company policy, Yahoo did not
about the upcoming proceedings.


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