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kiddie toy quiz

June 15, 2005


You scored as big wheel. VROOM VROOM! You rode all over the neighborhood knocking down tricycle riders! U R A BIGWHEEL! big wheel 75% playdoh 50% hotwheels 42% atari 2600 42% Weebles 33% colorforms 25% hollyhobby 17% What rare toy classic are you?created with

movie meme

June 15, 2005


This one involves checking off movies you’ve seen, and then adding five more to the bottom of the list. Thanks to in whose LJ I found this. 1. Citizen Kane (x) 2. Casablanca (x) 3. The Godfather (x) 4. Gone with the Wind (x) 5. Lawrence of Arabia (x) 6. The Wizard of Oz (x) […]

boycott fur & ostracize fur wearers

June 15, 2005

3 Thanks to who posted this chilling video in her LJ.