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Archaeology joke (snagged from

August 18, 2005


Archaeology Humor After digging to a depth of 100 meters last year, Russian scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 1000 years, and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network one thousand years ago. So, not to be outdone, in the weeks that followed, American scientists dug 200 meters […]

Oy, shiver me timbers!

August 18, 2005


Arrrrrrggggghhhh Shalom!!! You are obviously aprime candidate for the Jewish Pirate Academy!Have you given thought to what you’ll do withyour obvious pirating skills and love forYaweh? Might we suggest becoming a JewishPirate? Mazel Tov!!!!! What kind of Jewish Pirate are you? brought to you by Quizilla

blogger quiz

August 18, 2005


You Are a Link Blogger! Your blog is more about cool links than thougtful posts. Better to be entertaining and breif than longwinded and boring! What kind of blogger are you?