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Posted on September 30, 2005


Oh Please Take Me! I’m Very Random!

Created by mindy72387 and taken 739 times on Bzoink

Name David
Age 50
Are you depressed right now? no
If so, why?
Are you in a relationship? yes, married
Do you have a cell phone? yes
Do you drive? yes
Did you work today? no
If so, where do you work?
How much money do you have on you? $84
Whats in your pocket? nothing
Look behind you, whats the first thing you see? a lamp
Whats the last thing you copied? Press Ctrl+V a joke
How long have you been online? an hour
What did you eat last? oatmeal (breakfast)
Whats you favorite store? amazon
Do you have any jewelry on right now? wedding ring
Do you own a car? yes
How long can you hold your breath? not as long as I once could
Can you swim? yes
Every jumped out of an airplane? no
Ever been to Vegas? yes
Favorite Comedian? Sarah Silverman
Favorite flavor? Curry
Favorite Smell? vaginal fluid, fried onions & garlic, freshly baked bread, honeysuckle blossoms, gasoline.
Whats the most you’ve spent on a shirt? don’t remember; I never pay full retail
Do you take any medication? yes, for allergies & osteoarthritis
How old is your mom? 73
Have any siblings? yes
How many kids do you want? none
Do you thnk you’ll ever get married? I am married
What time is it? 11:57 am
What state do you live in? NY
Have you ever seen an albino person? yes
Lose all your baby teeth? yes, long ago…lol
Ever have braces? yes
Ever been to Wal~Mart? yes
Whats the worst TV show? conservative blowhards who have their own shows
Are you bored? why else would I be typing this
Why are you taking this? see above
Do you have a digital camera? yes
What kind of car do you want? hybrid fuel
Do you get along with your parents? mostly
Ever meet the president? no
Ever meet anyone famous? yes
Who’s the worst singer? a memberr of my synagogue who shall remain nameless
When did you cry last? watching something sentimental on TV
When did you wake up? 7:30 am
Can you speak french? un petit peux
Are you shy? no
Do you have any diseases? yes
Ever been in a car wreck? yes
Do you like rollercoasters? no
Did you graduate? yes
Whats your favorite website? shoshcooper.com (shameless promotion)
Do you like milk? in cereal
What super power do you want? power to heal
What’s your favorite uncle/aunt name? Sophie
Do you have a boat? no
Ever get detention? yes
Is you door open or closed right now? open
Are you listening to music? no
Are you alone? yes
Whats your biggest fear? not fearful
Is this survey too long? yes
Do you chew your nails? no
What are you wearing? gym shorts & t-shirt
How many syllables does your full name have? 7
Whats your favorite month? June
What year were you born? 1954
Favorite shape? circle
Ever skinnydip? yes
Are you a virgin? no
What is the first thing you see that is red? close screen button on OSX
What color is your computer? silver
Ever go to prom? no
Are you wearing a watch? no
Who’s your best friend? my wife
What CD is in your CD player? none
Ever drink an ICEE? don’t know what it is
Do you like cheese cake? sure
Least favorite food? red meat
Ever tape your mouth shut? no
Worst dare you’ve ever done? can’t think of any
Is your light on or off? off
Is there a fan in the room your in? yes
Do you like randomness? sure
Ever take speedwriting? yes
Can you skate? a little
Zodiac Sign? Capricorn
Name something that is purple! two of my wife’s paintings
Favorite moment from the past? wouldn’t you like to know 😉
How old were you when you got your first kiss? 10
Did you like it? yes
how old was the person you kissed? (If you’ve kissed someone) same as me
Ever wear make up? in a school play
Are you tired? no
Last 4 digits of you phone number 9337
Did you make a new friend today? no
Are you satisfied with your life? mostly

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