my lj band, “the links”

Posted on December 31, 2005


By limitedbythesky

the links Stats

Formed: 31st December 2005
Split: 17th July 2011
Best Album: ‘Octad Teguas Loony Sylphs Finnicky’ 9/10 in the NME (Album of the Month June 2007.)
Best Single: ‘Deciduae Departed’ 6/10 in the NME
Records Sold: 279,370 in total (147,795 albums, 131,575 singles).
Reputation: Regional
Groupies: In a recent interview with Playboy laffinman stated that they plan to further their career after the links by starring in hardcore blue flicks.
Other Shortly after ‘Swatches’s release in December 2005, davidfcooper received a death threat from the Pope who warmed them that if they released such unadultured shite in the future they would disappear in the night.

the links Member Profiles


When 100 people were asked to provide a statement describing megerber talents, 99 responded
by saying that listening to megerber was like ‘shagging a cactus’


In order to portray their anti-vegetarian sentiments publicly, bethr used to use a live chicken as a
guitar pick.


mortoncahn insists on using their thumb instead of their fingers to hit frets, which means that they tweak out a startling 10 notes a minute.


davidfcooper’s beats are as regular as a teenage girl with a limescale coated washing machine drum for a womb.


phimusi is to a keyboard what the Pope is to sexual liberty. A bastardin menace.

Single Releases

# Title Date
68 Rosettes Glossae Feb 2006
80 Bittocks Prof Apr 2006
40 Deciduae Departed Jun 2006
18 Raced Tidying Surbases Jul 2007
15 Beasties Anoretic Torose Scalades Jul 2007
19 Apomixis Lardier Sep 2007
21 Mainland Mossy Garbage Twiddle Nov 2007
23 Polish Scattier Toits Oct 2008
29 Sedulity Extorted Evade Caterers Paupers Dec 2008
79 Swatches Dec 2008
N/A Sibyls Couples Apr 2010
N/A Beclowns Knosps Idol Jun 2010
N/A Tetroxid Swabber Avenue Cad Jul 2010
N/A Frowsty Coke Aug 2010

Album Releases

# Title Date
32 Mattes Dec 2005
21 Octad Teguas Loony Sylphs Finnicky Jun 2007
22 Jerreeds Aug 2008
N/A Cuniform Ephedra Ginkgos Chromed Fornical Mar 2010

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