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The Ultimate Showdown (turn up the sound–thanks to )

January 31, 2006


Music meme (thanks to )

January 31, 2006


“Pick ten songs that you’re really into at the moment and post them on your livejournal. It doesn’t matter what genre, or even if it has lyrics, you just have to really like them. [tagging other users goes here, but I like it not, this tagging business.]” 1) My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker 2) […]

color personality quiz (thanks to )

January 31, 2006


Some of this (the independence part) is true, but I’m not all that confrontation averse, don’t recoil from perceived hostility, and can hold my own in verbal battle.

Will Ferrell – Bush on Global Warming

January 27, 2006



January 26, 2006


Palestinian voters, given the choice between pragmatic thieves (Fatah) and fanatical murderers (Hamas) chose the latter. So given the mission statement of Hamas (see below), why does anyone actually sympathize with the Palestinians? Can someone explain this to me? I’m baffled. This was printed in the Jerusalem Post today: Hamas’s charter: The martyrs’ oath

Impressions of Jacksonville

January 20, 2006


Jacksonville, FL is America’s geographically largest city; most of it is suburban sprawl, and everywhere one sees new construction. Half the FM radio stations are country. We had lunch in an Indian restaurant in the Arlington section with an Indian grocery store next door where we bought dried fruit and nuts. The rather sterile downtown […]

Gore on Bush administration’s expansion of executive power (thanks to )

January 16, 2006