Music meme (thanks to )

Posted on January 31, 2006


“Pick ten songs that you’re really into at the moment and post them on your livejournal. It doesn’t matter what genre, or even if it has lyrics, you just have to really like them. [tagging other users goes here, but I like it not, this tagging business.]”

1) My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker
2) You Are Too Beautiful by Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane
3) Lonely Woman by Ornette Coleman
4) Mood Indigo by Duke Ellington
5) Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus
6) In My Solitude by Billie Holliday
7) Out To Lunch by Eric Dolphy
8) Don’t Smoke In Bed by Nina Simone
9) Crepuscule with Nellie by Theloneus Monk
10) You Don’t Know What Love Is by Dina Washington

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