Our friend Ed Brill’s opinion column

Posted on March 23, 2006


I haven’t written anything since just after Katrina. At that point I asked
the Press Corpse to revive itself and the Congress to take care of it’s
duties to the country; to oversea this incompetent group of bunglers.

I must say though that they are very competent in changing the subject and
getting the press corpse to go along with them. Now, it’s why don’t we get
any good news about Iraq?

Well let me just give an analogy. Let’s say I’m describing my day and I tell
about a great omelot I had for lunch and a tie I bought that was just right
and I’m looking forward to seeing the next installment of the Sopranos. And
Oh yes I have Cancer.

Iraq has Cancer and all the soldiers winning the hearts and minds of the
little children by repainting their school is of very little consequence as
long as we have wholesale murder in the streets. When Israel was going
through its spate of suicide bombing we weren’t treated to the good news of
how the Kinneret Fish industry had a banner year or even how the Technion
was producing Nobel Prize winning scientific work. No, we had to look at
the bits and pieces of people being collected around the bomb sites. There
was alot more good news in Israel at that time than there is now in Iraq
Which still (three years after the war) is not back to pre-war production of
oil or electricity. So, when the violence slows down then we can look at the
(hopefully) better economic health of Iraq.

One more thing. Does anyone doubt that if Al Gore were President today and
Osama was still alive over four years after 9/11 that Fox News wouldn’t have
a screen listing the days since 9/11 and the fact that the weak willed, tree
hugging, she-man in the White House had let Osama off the hook at Tora Bora.
Of course Al might have listened to the Generals and sent more troops into
Afghanistan and actualy gotten him. We’ll never know.

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