travel day

Posted on March 29, 2007


Before leaving Mt. Laurel, NJ we paid one more visit to Whole Foods and bought food for lunch today and breakfast tomorrow. We had bread and humus and dates for lunch at a picnic table at the Grover Cleveland rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike. We stopped in Riverdale (NW Bronx) to pick a few Pesach items for our parents’ seders, and then got back on the road arriving in Danbury in the late afternoon. We had a delicious dinner at Bombay; we started with RAGADA, and our curries were SABJI BHAJI and PANEER MAKHANI with roti and garlic naan. The servings were very generous, and we had no room for dessert. Now I’m back in the room and must commence my evening therapeutic regimen. For breakfast tomorrow we have cereal, soy milk, and muffins. Our hotel has a decent fitness room where I plan to work out tomorrow; we also plan to do some hiking in one or another state park.

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