A conversation with Eliyahu McLean, peacenik

Posted on August 26, 2008


Interview with Eliyahu McLean Co-founder and Co-director of the Jerusalem Peacemakers.

Descended from a long line of Christian pastors on his father’s side and rabbis on his mother’s (the two met while hitchhiking to a hippie commune in California), peacemaker Eliyahu McLean has been dedicated to interfaith work since he was a college student at UC Berkeley. Eliyahu is also the interfaith coordinator at the annual Sulha gathering, coming up this week at the Latrun Monastery.

“I think my message is heard because I try not just to approach what’s wrong, like some groups on the left that just criticize what’s wrong with Israeli policy, or those on the right that just criticize the attacks against Jews etc. At the Jerusalem Peacemakers, we’re taking a different approach, trying to show by positive example rather than negative. We show the example of the peace that we live and we hope can be lived on a larger scale.”

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