What Kind of Kid were You test

Posted on September 15, 2008


Your result for What Kind of Kid were You Test…

Curly Goth (South Park)

1 Cute, 8 Alternative, 4 Nerdy, -2 Popular, 5 Rebellious, 6 Wild and 1 Male!

Well Alternative can be different styles, maybe you were emo,gothic, grunge, metal, punk, new wave, hippy or some other style that was unconventional. But the idea is you had your own style, and it was not very usual. Maybe you were teased, because other kids thought you were strange, that would have hurt you, but would not make you change.

You were very much yourself, but even subcultures have their own rules, so adjusting some was unavoidable. But while you were different, were you open to kids who were different in a different way?

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