study finds overweight women are more likely to have had sex (thanks to @funkybrownchick)

Posted on November 4, 2008


overweight women have more sex

If the study had divided the women into three groups, overweight, normal or healthy weight, and underweight I think the underweight women would be the least sexually active. Not only does starving oneself not put one in the mood it may also indicate a discomfort with sexuality and a nostalgia for the sexual ignorance of childhood. Anorexic women equate being thin with being “good”; they want to be “good girls” and have an irrational fear of adult sexuality.

On the other hand obesity poses significant health risks. I doubt that having diabetes, heart disease, or cancer enhance one’s libido. As in so much else in life there is a healthy middle ground, a range of weight that avoids both obesity and anorexia. When managing one’s weight becomes an obsession one is less likely to actually think sexual thoughts. Feeling comfortable with oneself and one’s body makes one feel sexy, and feeling sexy increases the opportunities to actually have sex.

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