My LJ is the tempermental opposite of my personality!

Posted on November 24, 2008


In a recent post anotherjen reports that Typealyzer confirms that her LJ matches her personality type, ESTJ. Well it turns out that Typealyzer thinks my LJ is also ESTJ even though numerous personlity test indicate that I am an INFP. I ran it again for my LJ profile which Typealyzer considers an ISTP, the same result it generated for my website and my blogspot blog, though it reads my myspace as an INTP. I next ran it for bethr who considers herself an XNFP and has tested as an ENFP, and it turns out that Typealyzer considers her LJ an ESTJ and her LJ Profile an ISTJ.

How often does a Typealyzer result for one’s blog match one’s Myers-Briggs Personality Type? Does your Live Journal or other blog match your personality type?

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