Our vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner and weekend plans

Posted on November 27, 2008


Our siblings and parents all had other plans this year, so we hosted our own vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. We served baked pumpkin stew

Baked pumpkin stew.jpg, originally uploaded by shoshndavid.

, honey glazed tofu

Honey glazed tofu.jpg, originally uploaded by shoshndavid.

, couscous pilaf

, pumpkin cookies, and our guests’ culinary contributions.

Our guests included Jane (a friend from our old shul) who brought salad and chocolate chip cookies, her 15 year old son Daniel, and Bella (a friend from our new shul) who brought a broccoli casserol. Jane told us about how she earns $ playing music in the subway, selling crafts at flea markets, substitute teaching, and as a landlady. Bella told us about her new job as a social action coordinator for a very large shul in Manhattan, and about how as a college student spending a junior year in Israel she had to deal with government bureaucrats regarding her status as a former Israeli who is now a US citizen (her family left Israel decades earlier, but the bureaucrats were upset that she entered the country with a US rather than an Israeli passport). It was very pleasant, not an overwhelming amount of work, and less stressful than meals with relatives (which await us soon; new research indicates that “friends substitute perfectly well for family.”)

Tomorrow we will ransom our car from our mechanic, drive to my in-laws in Connecticut, and on Saturday have dinner with my family at my sister and sister-in-law in New Rochelle en route back to Brooklyn. On Sunday we’ll visit a friend in Brooklyn Heights who is recovering from surgery.

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