What kind of thinker quiz

Posted on December 11, 2008


Your Thinking is Abstract and Random

You are flexible, adaptable, and creative.
There’s many ways that you can learn – and you’re up for any of them.

You relate well to other people, and you do well working in groups.
You can help people communicate together and work with each other’s strengths.

You don’t work well with people who are competitive or adversarial.
You prefer to work toward a common goal… not toward conflicting goals.

I actually prefer either to work alone or collaborate with one other person than to work in a group. I am non-competitive and conflict averse, but I do value quality and will become competitive if I feel that prevailing quality does not meet my standards or if I can do it better. I take rejection by strangers well and am not reluctant to submit my writing to editors; I assume that the person who does not appreciate my work is dense or unsophisticated and just doesn’t get it, or as they sometimes say in hand written notes on rejection slips, they do appreciate it but are looking for something else.

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