Health update

Posted on December 14, 2008


On Friday some of the symptoms I experienced during my October infection reoccurred, and I’ve been back on Cipro since Friday night. The symptoms are diminished somewhat, and I’m waiting for my urologist to reply to my email. When I saw him three weeks ago he told me that this is now a vulnerable area, and he would not be surprised if the infection returned. I didn’t think it would be back this soon.

Saturday evening we dined out in the neighborhood with the in-laws, and upon returning I took no more than eight steps back into the apartment when I unexpectedly vomited–not pretty. It’s weird that I had no warning and could not get to the toilet in time. We think it must be a food allergy to the salad greens that had a similar effect a few years ago. Back then I thought it was the fact that organic greens are fertilized with manure; now a food allergy seems the more likely culprit. I wish I knew to which green in particular I’m allergic.

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