Posted on January 3, 2009


Happy New Year!

Our New Years Day/Shoshana’s 50th Birthday on the Jewish Calendar party was a success; 25 friends celebrated with us. After the last guests left we cleaned up and went on-line where we found regrets emails from another half dozen friends. During the party we spent most of the time being hosts: introducing people, trying make sure that none of our friends felt neglected (especially those who didn’t know most of the others), refilling food bowls and opening wine bottles, which prevented us from getting into long conversations. There were quite a few friends whom we didn’t get to talk with at all, which we regret. Although we specified “no gifts” Shoshana received some nice presents anyway.

Last night we went to our friend Bella’s for Shabbat dinner. We planned to drive, but the car would not start (needs a new alternator) so we took the bus. There were nine of us including Bella who served borscht, gefilte fish, salad, beet greens, winter squash, tofurkey, and stuffing. It felt like Thanksgiving. And when we thought we could not eat another bite Bella brought out a birthday cake for Shoshana along with chocolate babka and rugelach. Two other guests gave us a ride home. It was a very pleasant evening. I didn’t get to bed until quarter after 2 a.m. We slept late and didn’t go to shul. This morning our mechanic made a house call, started our car with a jump start, and his assistant drove it to the repair shop. We’ll pick it up on Monday.

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