The Seven-Year Itch Cuts Our Friends in Half

Posted on June 9, 2009


The Seven-Year Itch Cuts Our Friends in Half

I wonder to what extent the findings of this Dutch study are universal or peculiar to Holland. I am reluctant to drop friends entirely, but my closest friends seven years ago are not necessarily the same now. I don’t see quite the degree of overlap between categories of friends and acquaintances (our–mostly synagogue from two congregations–Brooklyn neighbors, friends and acquaintances; my literary–mostly poetry–friends and acquaintances; Shoshana’s visual arts–mostly painting–friends and acquaintances; Shoshana’s day job friends and acquaintances; our respective on-line friends and acquaintances–some of whom we’ve met and whose company we enjoy in real life; and our friends and acquaintances from childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood–some of whom we’ve reconnected with on-line and others we’ve stayed in touch with over the decades by older technologies) than the article predicts.

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