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Posted on December 18, 2009


Had a lovely lunch at the restaurant in Fairway with our friend Suzanna today. The conversation was engaging and an hour flew by quickly. Foodwise I had a yogurt with granola, which was not sufficiently filling by itself, but afterward I stopped at various tasting stations while doing the grocery shopping, and that made up the difference.


I got my blood work back from my annual physical, and all the numbers are normal. My cholesterol is still very low, but my PSA (prostate serum antogen) score jumped a point, though it’s still within the normal range. Because my dad is a prostate cancer survivor I pay particular attention to my PSA result; anything below 4 is considered normal, but the amount of change from year to year is also significant. In the winter of 2004-2005 my PSA was 1.5. A year later (winter 2005-2006) it jumped to 2.5. In the next three years it stayed in the same range (2.1 to 2.27), but this year it jumped up to 3.3.  I’m trying to think what has changed in my lifestyle the past year, and one change was that I switched from making my breakfast oatmeal with soy milk to cows milk; starting tomorrow I’m going back to soy milk. I’ll see a urologist in two and a half weeks, and in addition to the finger exam I’ll discuss getting an ultra-sound of the prostate.


Work wise I have more ideas for examiner stories than I have time to research and write. I last posted a week ago, but illness was also a factor this week. After having I Am My Beloved’s rejected by all the coffee table book and Jewish publishers I’m thinking about publishing the interviews as a website instead of a book (which would probably reach more readers), and seeing if Jewish non-profits dealing with issues of continuity would be interested in participating. For example, three of the couples I’ve interviewed so far met at their college Hillel; I could offer Hillel the opportunity to use those interviews for fund raising purposes if they would help defray IAMB’s expenses.


Tomorrow (well actually today since it’s now after sundown) is Shabbat, the last day of Hanukkah, and my Jewish birthday (which is the one I celebrate). Snow is in the forecast. I’m dreaming of a white Shabbat, last day of Hanukkah, and Jewish birthday! Maybe I’ll wear my new boots.

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