on love and clarity

Posted on January 27, 2010


I’m fond of David Shapiro’s unedited sometimes rambling Facebook posts; he posted this one today:

“You are always clear when you are in love. You are clear and you love everything a little more. And you enjoy being clear.”–Kenneth Koch as quoted by David Shapiro.

Shapiro goes on to quote “Laura Huxley[,] a therapist by the way[, and] wife of Aldous[,] says again and again to judge love by [the] clarity it gives. If “love” makes you feel opaque twisty niggardly exclusive unhappy, it is not love. Late Freud agrees… and says all human love is darkened by too great early dependance. And so Kenneth Koch was speaking perhaps of the joy of no longer depending[,] and the forthrightness of simple things.”

Perhaps Laura Huxley was drawing a distinction between love and limerence.

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