RIP Gabrielle Bouliane 1966-2010, performance poet and videographer

Posted on January 30, 2010


Some of her poems.

Her obit on The Poetry Asylum LJ community

Her bio: Think: a tomboy smartass geek in a bunny suit. Ok, wait… I’m part tomboy and part floor-length velvet with fishnets. I just moved back to my hometown after 8 years in Seattle and travels to 23 other cities. Talk to me because I can write poetry that doesn’t suck, but you won’t have to hear it. Because I make people look like rock stars for a living. Because I [have] no idea what’s going to happen next, but I’m ready for anything. Literally. Because I may be the one who can keep up with you. Because I’m an excellent co-pilot. Because I’ve had a motorcycle license and have the recipe for lemon bars memorized. But enough about me… Because you like curves. Because you want someone to watch Blade Runner for the 127th time. Because you need someone in your life who knows the difference between xlr, rca, ieee, and bnc cables. Because you can teach me something new. Because you haven’t met enough women who work hard, play hard and then go out for an IPA with a bourbon back. Because you know that secretly, women in control want to not have to be all that all the time. Not only do you already know that, but you’re strong enough to do something about it.

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