The New Leader folds after 86 years – New York NY

Posted on August 24, 2010


The New Leader, a liberal anti-communist little magazine that was the product of New York’s Jewish intellectual milieu is folding after 86 years, Jewish Ideas Daily reports.

The following is an excerpt from Yehuda Mirsky‘s Jewish Ideas Daily article:

After eighty-six years, eighty-two in print and the last few in cyberspace, the New Leader, a quintessential American “little magazine,” is folding.

Under Sol Levitas’s editorship, during years when the much-higher-circulation Nation and New Republic often ran acrobatic apologies for Stalin, the New Leader became a bi-weekly platform for what was then known as liberal anti-Communism.

Officially non-sectarian, the New Leader was unmistakably a creature of New York’s Jewish intellectual milieu, not only in articles discussing Israel, Jewish affairs, or the Holocaust but in its mix of intellectual seriousness, skepticism, moral purpose, and endless reckonings with the meanings and consequences of the failed Revolution on which so many Jews had staked so much.


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When I was growing up my parents subscribed to The New Leader.