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My “Who Are You on True Blood?” quiz result

May 31, 2011


You Are Eric You are cool, calculating, and very hard to read. Power is your only concern. People find you extremely intimidating but also very fascinating. Others are drawn to your strength.  You see most humans as pawns in your game. The only people you respect are those who have more power than you. You […]

The Chart That Should Accompany Every Discussion of Deficits – James Fallows – Politics – The Atlantic

May 30, 2011


via Why does this chart matter? Because it makes clear, in that wonderful “worth 1,000 words” way, two realities that are fundamental to sane discussion of public finance, but that most of the public doesn’t realize and that the Republican leadership is actively working to obscure. They are: – The very large, but temporary and […]

Governors Island 05/29/11 – a set on Flickr

May 29, 2011


via We spent this Sunday afternoon on Governors Island, an oasis from urban stress in the middle of the harbor. This island, whose circumference in a mere two miles, is just west of Brooklyn but politically part of Manhattan. In the 17th Century it was the first home to Dutch settlers who after their […]

Poems by Irina Mashinski. An Attempt to Explain. ‘Cardinal Points’ literary journal

May 28, 2011


“…I walk through the tall grass of Russian syllables, where colons and commas are abundant in June, and syntax is vague on ladybugs’ wings…”   Poems by Russian-American poet Irina Mashinski on  

U.S. Jews must support Obama’s Mideast vision – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

May 24, 2011


“The large Jewish peace camp in the United States must support the president and reject political activists who have turned Israel’s fate into a ball on America’s domestic political court.” via

Vaclav and Lena, a novel about Russian-Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn – New York NY

May 17, 2011


Today New York publisher The Dial Press, a division of Random House, releases Haley Tanner‘s debut novel Vaclav and Lena, a coming of age tale about Russian-Jewish immigrant children in Brooklyn. In my New York Journal of Books review I describe the book as “a tale of unconditional love; of attachment, separation, and reunion; and […]

New Scientist: Orgasms unlock altered consciousness

May 16, 2011


MRI image:¬†this is your (or somebody’s) brain having an orgasm. Further study of the orgasm – and the PreFrontalCortex’s role – will offer much needed insight into how we might use thought alone to control other physical sensations, such as pain. via¬†