Vaclav and Lena, a novel about Russian-Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn – New York NY

Posted on May 17, 2011



Today New York publisher The Dial Press, a division of Random House, releases Haley Tanner‘s debut novel Vaclav and Lena, a coming of age tale about Russian-Jewish immigrant children in Brooklyn. In my New York Journal of Books review I describe the book as “a tale of unconditional love; of attachment, separation, and reunion; and of trauma and healing.” It’s an engaging read that will appeal to teens, their parents, and anyone interested in the immigrant experience.

Ms. Tanner is a Brooklyn resident who got the idea for the story when she was a tutor whose students were Russian immigrant children not unlike the novel’s title characters. For a view of more affluent, better educated suburban Russian-Jewish immigrants try The Cosmopolitans by Nadia Kalman.

For more info: David Cooper

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