Jewish books: Kin by Dror Burstein

Posted on November 20, 2012


“Kinship is a central theme in Israeli writer Dror Burstein’s novel Kin, which is published today in Dalya Bilu’s English translation by Dalkey Archive Press. The book portrays the inner life of Yoel, a senior citizen, widower, and adoptive father who decides to find his adult son Emile’s biological parents and reunite him with them.”

Kinship is a central element in Judaism along with the revelation at Sinai, the Torah, and observance of laws derived from the Torah. Performing traditional customs and rituals connects us to earlier generations of Jews. Our identity is in part defined by our genealogy going all the way back to the patriarchs and matriarchs. Indeed so important is this genealogy that conversion to Judaism ritually severs the convert’s previous genealogy, and he or she is ritually referred to as a son or daughter of Abraham and Sarah.

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