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Why We Are Truly a Nation by William Matthews : The Poetry Foundation

July 4, 2013


  Why We Are Truly a Nation BY WILLIAM MATTHEWS Because we rage inside the old boundaries, like a young girl leaving the Church, scared of her parents. Because we all dream of saving the shaggy, dung-caked buffalo, shielding the herd with our bodies. Because grief unites us, like the locked antlers of moose who die […]

Adrienne Rich (1929-2012): For The Dead

March 28, 2012


I dreamed I called you on the telephone to say: Be kinder to yourself but you were sick and would not answer The waste of my love goes on this way trying to save you from yourself I have always wondered about the left-over energy, the way water goes rushing down a hill long after […]

Chinua Achebe’s poem “Vultures”

July 6, 2011


“Vultures” by Chinua Achebe In the greyness and drizzle of one despondent dawn unstirred by harbingers of sunbreak a vulture perching high on broken bones of a dead tree nestled close to his mate his smooth bashed-in head, a pebble on a stem rooted in a dump of gross feathers, inclined affectionately to hers. Yesterday […]

from qarrtsiluni’s translation issue: Qavak Songs (folk verses from the Greenlandic)

January 5, 2011


“My cunt is hung,/hung with sea urchins,//My cunt bursts,/bursts with bladderwrack,//My cunt drips,/wet as a walrus snout.//My cunt is hungry.” and “There’s only one way to kill your enemy://You must bite my clit off, pull it inside out,/and use it as an arrowhead.” Translated by Nancy Campbell Read the three poems in their entirety and […]

Poem for Tisha B’Av and Shabbat Nachamu

July 30, 2009


The High Commissioner by Haim Be’er Evenings in a small room grandma makes the bed and talks about you, our own Sir Herbert, and about Lady Samuel lighting sabbath candles in the mansion on the Mount of Olives, a wonder to behold. A first in Judea, on Shabbat Nahamu in 1920 she cried like a […]

poems from Laura McCullough’s “What Men Want”

March 3, 2009


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