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“Inappropriate for the Shabbos Table”

August 21, 2009


A moving essay that starts with what social scientists call “the trauma of civility” (learning another culture’s manners) and ends in self-acceptance: Inappropriate for the Shabbos Table

NY Jewish Culture Examiner: Reading: Johanna Reiss reads from A Hidden Life at Community Bookstore in Park Slope 2/24/09

February 24, 2009


NY Jewish Culture Examiner: Reading: Johanna Reiss reads from A Hidden Life at Community Bookstore in Park Slope 2/24/09 Posted using ShareThis

NY Jewish Culture Examiner: The Western Hemisphere’s only Greek Romaniote Synagogue

February 15, 2009


When it first opened its doors in 1927 Kehila Kedosha Janina (the holy community of Ioannina) was one of hundreds of little synagogues on Manhattan’s Lower East Side; unlike its neighbors, however, it was not founded by Eastern Europeans fleeing violence and discrimination but by Greek speakers who came for economic opportunity. Not only were […]

study finds overweight women are more likely to have had sex (thanks to @funkybrownchick)

November 4, 2008


overweight women have more sex If the study had divided the women into three groups, overweight, normal or healthy weight, and underweight I think the underweight women would be the least sexually active. Not only does starving oneself not put one in the mood it may also indicate a discomfort with sexuality and a nostalgia […]

Salah al-Din Brigades training dozens of Palestinian kids to ‘fight the Jews and kill Jewish kids’

August 31, 2008


Gaza kids ‘training to kill Jews’ Eleven-year-old trainee: I’d rather die fighting the occupation than die at home from a missile. Islamic Jihad threatens to unleash ‘the fires of hell’ on Israel.

Minneapolis protesters subjected to massive, pre-emptive police raids

August 31, 2008


Massive, warrantless raids on peace protesters in Minneapolis, ahead of RNC

A conversation with Eliyahu McLean, peacenik

August 26, 2008


Interview with Eliyahu McLean Co-founder and Co-director of the Jerusalem Peacemakers. Descended from a long line of Christian pastors on his father’s side and rabbis on his mother’s (the two met while hitchhiking to a hippie commune in California), peacemaker Eliyahu McLean has been dedicated to interfaith work since he was a college student at […]