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Roman archeological find in Turkey (thanks to smartgrrrl via Twitter)

August 26, 2008


Huge statue of Roman ruler found I’m surprised that Hadrian is considered a “good emperor.” His anti-semitic policies and persecution and his brutal suppression of the Bar Cochba revolt (135 c.e.) they inspired brand him as a bigoted tyrant in my eyes.

NY Times: Jewish Tattoo Ban an Urban Legend (thanks to who posted it on FB)

July 19, 2008


Skin Deep: For Some Jews, It Only Sounds Like ‘Taboo’

First they limit access to abortion, next contraception

July 16, 2008


Bush administration seeks to protect health care professionals who withhold care because of a personal opposition to abortion and/or contraception: Abortion Proposal Sets Condition on Aid See also the discussion in ‘s post on this topic.

Tree from 2, 000 – year – old seed is doing well (thanks to )

June 12, 2008


Seed from the extinct Judean date palm is the oldest seed known to have been sprouted and grown.

flu shots target wrong strain (thanks to )

February 16, 2008


The flu shot is a good match for only about 40 percent of this year’s flu viruses

Sex Workers Art Show Review

February 13, 2008


I became aware of this performance art ensemble by reading uptight columnist Stuart Taylor’s Feb 11 article in which he takes offense that the same university that shuns its lacrosse team for hiring a stripper chose to bring strippers and other sex workers to campus to perform political theater espousing a point of view he […]

Industrialization and geologic history (thanks to )

January 28, 2008


Humans Force Earth into New Geologic Epoch