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Susan Shapiro’s “Why I Don’t Hate My Mother-in-Law”

October 19, 2010


Read Susan Shapiro’s endearing tribute to her mother-in-law on

Jacksonville/St Augustine travelogue continued

February 4, 2009


Our vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner and weekend plans

November 27, 2008


Our siblings and parents all had other plans this year, so we hosted our own vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner.

an expensive family obligation

November 12, 2008


I made travel reservations for our trip to Jacksonville in late January/early February for our nephew’s bar mitzvah. Airfare, car rental & hotel will cost $1161. I would not for a minute consider not going; Benjamin’s parent’s divorce has been hard on him, and he needs the support, as do his siblings and my brother […]

vacation synopsis

August 19, 2008


We did not have to chose between mountains/forest vs. sea shore on this vacation. Yesterday we did both. We hiked a challenging trail on a hill/mountain just southwest of the Foxwoods Casino and the Pequot Indian Museum (we visited the latter years ago & is worth a trip on its own) and then drove to […]

vacation begins

August 18, 2008


The bar-mitzvah was lovely. Gilad is a sweet affectionate kid. His older brother reads Hebrew with an Israeli accent, but Gilad reads Hebrew with a Spanish accent (their mom and step-father live in Barcelona; they were born in Israel where their dad, my cousin, lives). The Gatsby like Shelter Island party was pleasanter this year […]

my maternal ancestors

April 16, 2007


As you may know, today is holocaust rememberance day in Israel. For a summary of how the end came to the Jews of Drohitchin (my grandmother’s home town), see the on line English translation of the Drohitchin Memorial Book For a profile of my great great grandfather and my great grandparents The latter article seems […]

Pesach pics

April 6, 2007


Pesach 2007 at Cohens and Coopers

vacation narrative continued

April 5, 2007


My cousin Sam’s recollections of Aunt Leah

January 29, 2007