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Friday to do list & health update

October 30, 2008


1) Call plumber about faulty heating zone and thermostat. 2) Shop for travel (airfare, hotel & car rental) for late January/early February trip to Jacksonville. 3) Start practicing Torah trope for 01/31/09. 4) Put candy near front door for trick or treaters. 5) Try to continue staying horizontal as much as possible for final two […]

Health update

October 19, 2008


2/3 through a course of Cipro (antibiotic) my stamina is low but not as low as at first, my urine is still bloody, my scrotum is less swollen but swollen nonetheless & tender to touch, and it feels like the infection has moved into the groin area where I had hernia surgery 8 years ago. […]

Health update

October 13, 2008


Urologist’s diagnosis: Epididymitis. RX: Cipro 2x/day/10 days. Must rest, have a scrotal sonogram, and see urologist again in a week. If I rest and the Cipro works I should be able to travel on the 23rd as planned.

thank you, senators

July 23, 2008


Senators to Leavitt: Abandon Attempt to Undermine Women’s Health

Healthy lifestyle triggers genetic changes (thanks to )

June 17, 2008


Healthy lifestyle triggers genetic changes

On DNA Testing, A Murky Vision

May 28, 2008


A genetic eye ailment prompts thorny ethical questions The author, a member of our shul, considers whether to have her own and her children’s DNA tested for genetic markers associated with the condition that is robbing her of her sight.

mobile phones riskier than smoking (thanks to )

March 31, 2008


new study confirms old fear