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Always Already Derrida: Berfrois Interviews David Mikics | berfrois

January 31, 2011


Photo of Jacques Derrida from the interview of David Mikics in   Derrida wrote brilliantly about so many central thinkers of the Western tradition: Plato, Freud, Nietzsche, Heidegger and many more. “Who Was Jacques Derrida?” offers vignettes of these philosophers, giving a sense of their work, along with an account of what Derrida did […]

Beyond Understanding

December 18, 2010


via Do the life and work of Ludwig Wittgenstein suggest that the autistic mind and the philosophical mind have something in common?

my “What German philosopher are you?” quiz result

August 20, 2010


Martin Heidegger You are Heidegger: his main interests were in ontology, metaphysics, the history of Western philosophy, and technology. He is most known today for his writings on Phenomenology, Hermeneutics and Existentialism. He is criticized for joining the Nazi party during World War II, and modern philosophers don’t agree about his intentions. Like Heidegger, you […]

Tri-Variable Personality Test

October 30, 2008


Your result for The Tri-Variable Personality Test (qualified psychologist) … Test… The Eccentric You scored 55 Artist, 30 Philosopher, 15 Scientist! You live in a world of vast abstraction and color. You are hardly interested in the mechanics of real life; you are preoccupied with the substance of existence (the story and narrative, the symbolism), […]

Philosophical God quiz

June 27, 2007


Philosophical God quiz