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NY Times Science: From Hitler to Mother Teresa: 6 Degrees of Empathy

June 14, 2011


Dr. Baron-Cohen, a professor of developmental psychology at the University of Cambridge and director of the university’s Autism Research Center, proposes that evil is more scientifically defined as an absence of empathy, exacerbated by negative environmental factors (usually parental, sometimes societal) and a genetic component. When these three exist in tandem they result in what […]

ZEEK: Articles: “We Are Not Like Them”: Itamar Massacre Activates A Dangerous Israeli-Jewish Ethnocentrism

March 25, 2011


Read Roi Ben Yehuda’s article on Roi Ben Yehuda demonstrates the rising racism expressed by mainstream Israeli authorities in the wake of the terrible Fogel tragedy. The quotations from Gilad Sharon are chilling and reminiscent of European racial anti-semitism from the previous century.

Self-Constraint Leads Us to Prefer Aggression: Scientific American Podcast

March 22, 2011


Home » Multimedia » Podcasts » 60-Second Mind » 60-Second Mind | Mind & Brain Self-Constraint Leads Us to Prefer Aggression Research shows that when we practice self-constraint, we also tend to prefer aggressive messaging and movies. Christie Nicholson reports  | March 20, 2011 | 8 Listen to the podcast and/or read the article at When making lifestyle changes […]

David Brooks on The New Humanism

March 10, 2011


David Brooks on The New Humanism (read the article on I find it interesting that Brooks includes an expanded definition of limerence, which I’ve always understood to be an obsessive form of love sickness: Wiktionary (1 definition) –noun (neologism) An involuntary state of mind which seems to result from a romantic attraction for another […]

Eden | New York Journal of Books

October 11, 2010


David Cooper’s review of Yael Hedaya’s novel Eden compares Jessica Cohen’s translation with Ms. Hedaya’s original Hebrew. The novel features two marriages and a teenage girl all of whom are at-risk and in varied states of distress. Read the entire review on   An excerpt from Eden appears in Words Without Borders

People Who Cannot Escape a System Are Likely to Defend the Status Quo – Association for Psychological Science (tx, novapsyche)

August 17, 2010


People Who Cannot Escape a System Are Likely to Defend the Status Quo – Association for Psychological Science The freedom of emigration at will is internationally recognized as a human right. But, in practice, emigration is often restricted, whether by policy or by poverty. A new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the […]

BBC NEWS | Health | Feeling grumpy ‘is good for you’

July 5, 2010


An attack of the grumps can make you communicate better, it is suggested In a bad mood? Don’t worry – according to research, it’s good for you. An Australian psychology expert who has been studying emotions has found being grumpy makes us think more clearly. In contrast to those annoying happy types, miserable people are […]

Psychological research conducted in WEIRD nations may not apply to global populations « UBC Public Affairs

July 5, 2010


A new University of British Columbia study says that an overreliance on research subjects from the U.S. and other Western nations can produce false claims about human psychology and behavior because their psychological tendencies are highly unusual compared to the global population. According to the study, the majority of psychological research is conducted on subjects […]

A rare, 1972 clip of legendary psychiatrist and Holocaust-survivor Viktor Frankl

May 16, 2010


Why couples fight in public

October 11, 2009


Psychologists and marriage counselors explain Why couples fight in public.