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Book review: The Collected Poems of Ai – New York NY |

February 4, 2013


via “Ai’s poems are not to everyone’s taste. If you prefer the Rolling Stones to the Beatles, Howling Wolf to Muddy Waters, the gritty realism (including graphic violence and strong sexual content) of HBO’s Sunday night original series to PBS’ British dramas you’ll probably enjoy Ai’s poetry; if not, stay with safer, tamer, less […]

This year’s National Book Critics Circle Award Nominees announced

January 14, 2013


via The Pulitzer, the National Book Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award are considered the triple crown of American book publishing. Although I am a voting member of the National Book Critics Circle I have not read any of these books (see my previous article 2012 Books Retrospective for the 2012 books […]

Rejection Letters: The Publishers Who Got It Embarrassingly Wrong…

May 18, 2012


J.K Rowling was famously rejected by a mighty 12 publishers before Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was accepted by Bloomsbury – and even then only at the insistence of the chairman’s eight-year-old daughter. Judy Blume, Gertrude Stein and D.H Lawrence all got a lot of ‘no’s from publishers before any said yes. But while […]

Susan Daitch’s novel Paper Conspiracies revisits Dreyfus Affair

October 4, 2011


New York Jewish fiction writer Susan Daitch‘s third novel Paper Conspiracies, which was published last week by City Lights Books, takes an indirect approach to late Nineteenth Century France’s Dreyfus Affair by way of peripheral minor actors in the scandal and via cinema pioneer Georges Mèliés‘ contemporaneous dramtized documentary film L’affaire Dreyfus . The novel’s six sections alternate between 1990s New York […]

“What They Saved: Pieces of a Jewish Past” published today

September 1, 2011


  What happens when a New York Jewish pack-rat daughter inherits her New York Jewish pack-rat father’s belongings? She embarks on a Jewish genealogical search for her and her dad’s long lost relatives. Nancy K. Miller‘s What They Saved: Pieces of a Jewish Past, published today by University of Nebraska Press, is the story of […]

The Dirty Talk Of The Town: Profanity At “The New Yorker” | The Awl

June 27, 2011


via an impressive list of the first occurrences of classic profanities in the magazine’s pages. Also see:…

Vaclav and Lena, a novel about Russian-Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn – New York NY

May 17, 2011


Today New York publisher The Dial Press, a division of Random House, releases Haley Tanner‘s debut novel Vaclav and Lena, a coming of age tale about Russian-Jewish immigrant children in Brooklyn. In my New York Journal of Books review I describe the book as “a tale of unconditional love; of attachment, separation, and reunion; and […]