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ZEEK: Articles: “We Are Not Like Them”: Itamar Massacre Activates A Dangerous Israeli-Jewish Ethnocentrism

March 25, 2011


Read Roi Ben Yehuda’s article on Roi Ben Yehuda demonstrates the rising racism expressed by mainstream Israeli authorities in the wake of the terrible Fogel tragedy. The quotations from Gilad Sharon are chilling and reminiscent of European racial anti-semitism from the previous century.

White Racial Resentment Bubbles Under the Surface of the Tea Party Movement | | AlterNet

February 9, 2010


Check out this website I found at Race is the subtext of now-potent populist appeals to whites, who feel battered from a tsunami of economic and cultural change. The Tea Party counterculture is waging a proxy war over race during America’s rapidly shifting economy and demographic makeup. The Tea Party is sounding a siren […]

Galveston Police Assault 12 Year Old Girl (tx, Twanna)

December 23, 2008


12 Year-Old Black Girl+Tight Shorts=Prostitute in Galveston, TX Not the least bit surprised. So a 12 year old girl, in her own yard who goes outside to flip the breaker box after the lights go out gets tackled by three White PLAIN CLOTHES officers, gagged and punched in the face, screams “DADDY!” and Daddy comes […]