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Sex in the park is allowed. But show some consideration. Many…

August 3, 2011


Full text of the sign in a Copenhagen, Denmark park: “Sex in the park is allowed. But show some consideration. Many children institutions use the park. Therefore please avoid: sex in the playground and visible places between 9 am and 4 pm. Loud sex in hiding between 9 am and 4 pm. Remember to: remove […]

kaffe in katmandu // Fraction Factions

June 26, 2011


Read the poem on A poem I wrote two years ago that was just published on kaffe in katmandu, an arts/literature blog. Were I writing this poem now I would substitute the word “climaxing” for “ejaculating” since men without prostate glands do not ejaculate. When I fully recover from my prostate surgery I hope to […]

Honest To Betsy: Uterine Orgasms – Myth and Mayhem Online and Between the Sheets

May 5, 2011


via This blogger’s description of sex post-hysterectomy matches my experience of sex post-prostatectomy. The orgasms are qualitatively different–not better or worse, but certainly different.

Passion: Erotic Romance for Women | New York Journal of Books

November 1, 2010


  The subtitle of the book under review (in which the missing adjective “Heterosexual” should modify the noun “Women”) implies a question: How does erotic romance for women differ from the equivalent genre for men?  Read the entire review on  

Sex Boosts Brain Growth, Study Suggests | Rat Sex | LiveScience (tx, novapsyche)

July 30, 2010


Culture Sex Boosts Brain Growth, Study Suggests By Charles Q. Choi, LiveScience Contributor posted: 28 July 2010 09:21 am ET Read the article on

Female orgasms and a ‘rule of thumb’

June 18, 2010


Female orgasms and a ‘rule of thumb’ ‘C-V distance’ may be a factor in how easily a woman has an orgasm. Science of the orgasm By Regina Nuzzo Special to The Times February 11, 2008 During intercourse, the female orgasm can be elusive. What frustrated woman hasn’t wondered: Am I simply, um, put together differently […]

Canadian Jewish Tourism Ad Uses Oral Sex to Promote Israeli Tourism | Tikun Olam-תקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place

February 25, 2010



condom couples (tx,

January 21, 2009


Now I can blame my slutty past on my creativity

December 31, 2008


News in Science – Creative geniuses have more sex – 30/11/2005

notes towards a book review

December 28, 2008


I am reading and enjoying a prepublication copy of Best Sex Writing 2009 which I have agreed to review on Amazon. These are notes on the first ten chapters for that eventual review. BSW 2009 is an anthology of articles about sex; while a few articles refer to sexual encounters they are not erotic. These […]