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video: cat and dolphins playing together

April 8, 2011


Please don’t declaw your cat

January 13, 2011


Anti-Declaw Public Service Announcement from The Paw Project. Declawing is not a nail trim. It is the amputation of the ends of a cat’s toes. For more information about the crippling effects of declawing, go to  


January 5, 2011


FUCK YOU, 2010 Fuck 2010. This year fucking sucked. read/view the entire rant on Whatever you think of the rant, you have to love the hairless cat pic!

Of Cats and Men – The Arty Semite –

October 21, 2010


October 21, 2010, 1:42pm Of Cats and Men By Jake Marmer Each Thursday, The Arty Semite features excerpts and reviews of the best contemporary Jewish poetry. This week, Jake Marmer introduces the work of Karen Alkalay-Gut, whose first poem appeared in the Forverts when she was 10 years old. Courtesy Karen Alkalay-Gut A remarkable Israeli […]

A gift from one of Sasson’s admirers

August 10, 2010


A few nights ago we heard a rustling sound by our living room window, and when we went to check it out we saw a teenage girl running away. She left a large stuffed animal perched on the iron fence below our window. We guess she’s one of Sasson’s many local admirers and left him […]

Sasson’s sick tummy

January 25, 2010


Today I noticed a large amount of blood in Sasson’s stool, so I took him to the vet who took a stool sample, took Sasson’s temperature (slight fever), and gave him two injections. As per Dr’s orders Sasson has to fast until morning and then has to take oral antibiotics for five days. He’s hungry, […]

after 6 months a friends’ cat finally discovers their HDTV

November 9, 2009


One of our friends’ cats, Britt, finally noticed the big HDTV that had been lurking in their living room for the past 6 months.  Animal Planet’s broadcast of “Cats 101” sparked her interest:     

cat discipline question (x-posted in )

November 25, 2008


How can we teach our two year old cat not to bite us?

How Much Do You Love Your Cat Test

September 24, 2008


Your result for The How Much Do You Love Your Cat Test… Cat Lover You scored 62% ailurophilia! You really love your cats, but you’re not insane about it. Okay, maybe sometimes, but really you’re a normal person with a life of your own who just really likes cats. You are probably a model pet […]

cat mischief

February 20, 2008


I had to stay home all day yesterday waiting for the plumber, who eventually arrived and took our toilet apart. The culprit was the lid of a can of cat food. There is only one member of this household who would put that there; we’ll have to see that empty cans and their lids go […]